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Poetry by Alan S. Leangvan

I look at life and I look again. Why do things happen? Why all this pain?
Emotions stir while time stands still. Up, up, up, life can seem forever uphill.
Flames of discrimination char my soul black, must I move on? Why can't I turn back?
I look at the animals, the flowers, the trees. They live without care, forever at ease.
Regardless of whatever may occur, life is always a mystery, but is it meant to be a blur?
Again I lose myself in a thick fog of questions, but am I really lost? No.
Leaning against the wall of reality I feel trapped in a world of complex lies and problems.
Is the meaning of life to live but never know? Or to find a light and follow it's glow? Do I search for answers, do I let them go? Am I all alone? I guess I'll never know.
This poem holds a very special and unique place in my heart. It is the first poem I ever wrote, the one that got me started in poetry. I wrote this for a talent show in the 7th grade (about 11 years ago!). My elementary school was very small so talent show submissions were mandatory and, to my dismay, counted as an assignment! At the time I was only 14 and honestly didn't feel like I had any talents. Well, I did enjoy creative writing in earlier grades so why not try poetry? Sure, I'll just write up some words that rhyme, and I'll write from the heart.

A week later I ended up winning the talent show. First place in the entire school. From then on I felt the drive to continue and I have done so ever since. I love what I do. I wanted to share with you my poetic "baby steps."

To hear me read this poem, please visit me on YouTube and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!…
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Submitted on
January 31, 2014


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